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Self paced learning

If you’re looking for a comprehensive and rigorous resource to pave your own way into data science, then you can do it using our curriculum. Our courses are prepared by taking into consideration the most in-demand skills in the job market. So, the curriculum aims to make you land a job in data science. With hundreds of exercises and several hands-on projects, you can make it by yourself!

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On-demand mentoring

Learning by yourself is achievable. But we all sometimes need professional help. Our on-demand mentoring service is here to help you when you got stuck somewhere. With the help of a professional data scientist, you can navigate through the obstacles on your way and become a data scientist. No matter you need help on a code snippet or guidance on your career, assistance of our experts is on your fingertips. Just start learning and don't bother yourself when you get stuck.

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Online bootcamps

If you're looking for a bootcamp program with full support, then you can enroll to our programs to jump start in your next career. Courses are online and live. So you can follow the lessons at your comfort place without any transportation worries. Moreover, we assign a mentor for you with whom you meet twice a week. Mentor meetings take place separate from the live lessons. There’re also office hours where you can ask your questions in Slack and get your answers right away.

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We're here to support your transtion into your next career

We believe that organized and well-designed courses are key to learning.
And we aware that we all need professional mentor help from time to time.

We strive hard to produce well designed career courses for everyone!
And we support you with our experts whenever you need help.

We bring professional data science help on your fingertips

No matter you're a student, a data science enthusiast or a professional data scientist. We're here to help you with your problems.
With on-demand mentoring, you only pay for the minutes that you spend with your mentor.
All of our mentors are professional experienced data scientists who are well versed in data science, machine learning and programming domains.
Our mentorship service is managed by a dedicated team. So, we put forth your benefit and your satisfaction.

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