About us

Bootrain is a new type of technology school that focuses on everything about DATA. Operating across Europe, we offer comprehensive bootcamp programs that are designed for our students to find jobs after graduation.

With our only focus on data related fields, we help individuals switch their careers to data analysis and data science.

Our bootcamp programs have a very good reputation in the industry and we graduated several students who landed data related jobs in a short period after their graduations. Currently we offer bootcamps in English and the contents are completely prepared by our own instructors and experts.

Besides, we maintain on-demand mentorship service for those who need help on data related fields. You can book a chat with our experts and get solutions for your questions.

We also provide corporate trainings in almost every field of data science. Our trainings range from the basics of data analysis and business intelligence using Excel, Tableau or PowerBI and the fundamentals of data science to more sophisticated and specialized courses on natural language processing, computer vision, anomaly detection, time series, deep learning and cybersecurity in artificial intelligence.